Users with read only access AND sharing links externally?

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So here's our situation. We have a shared documents site we want to share with our sales force, all within the organization. We want to give these users read only access to the shared documents simply because we don't want them accidentally removing files or adding personal files to the library. So far so good, this seems simple enough to setup.


We also want these users to be able to share links externally with customers to the shared files. This part is where I keep hitting dead ends and I feel like this has to be something we can enable. Currently the links for them only seem to work for others within the organization, they're unable to create public links for outside of the organization from this shared library.


If this really is a limitation due to setting the users as read/view only does anyone have any suggestions to achieve what we are looking for? 


Create a shared documents library --> grant read only access to employees --> allow those employees to create public links to shared files to share externally.


Any tips/advice? Losing my mind trying to achieve this. It seems like it will ONLY work if I give the users edit access, which I don't want to do.

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