Filtering by a field with 1000s of values


In my metadata (libraries and lists) i have project number. I have hundreds of project numbers. Do i really have to scroll to find the one that i want to filter by? Is there really no way of typing in the number i want to filter by?



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Clicking filter by on the column header allows for this.

No. Only if the column is text type. Choice / lookup columns have no ability to filter them down. Also the width could use some help as well as longer items get cut off at a low character count.

Adding a type ahead feature to these column types would be nice.

On a second note. You can use customize form with powerapps and easily change that field if it doesn’t have it. To be searchable. Save it and you can utilize search in a customized form. The downside is you can’t utilize the details pane on the default view UI with the custom forms.
You're right, i was looking at the source list for the lookup, the lookup fields cant do this. Major flaw for document libraries with lookup metadata...
On the second note: do you have any tips on how to set that up? Not very familiar with powerapps (yet)