Error on versioning settings for migrated document libraries "enter a number between 100 & 50000"

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I have migrated our sharepoint on-premises 2013 team site collection to sharepoint online classic team site. and on all the on-premises document libraries we major/minor versions enabled and the major limit = 50, as follow:-


and on the migrated online document libraries i got the same settings. but if i edit these settings and i click on Save without changing anything, i will get this error message "You must enter number between 100 and 50000", as follow:-



so i can conclude that on sharepoint online document libraries we can not specify the limit to be 50.. and it should be between 100 & 50000. but since i just completed the migration and everything went smoothly, so i need to keep the site collection as-is with less modifications during this week, till i am sure that everything is working well. so my first question is, if there will be any harm if i keep the major version limit = 50? although seems sharepoint online does not allow this number for brand new document libraries?

second question, if i increase the major version limit from 50 to 100, can this cause any problem or any data loss , or since i am specifying a larger limit number (100 instead of 50), then there should not be any issue?

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You will not lose data by increasing the number of version. SharePoint online is enforcing this option as of a few months back and the minimum is 100. A back end job will probabaly end up changing these for you after awhile but changing them manually if you need to make other changes will not be an issue.