EditForm.aspx open to everyone permission...

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I have a list with unique permission where "Everyone" can contribute or edit permission and with this advanced setting

"Read items that were created by the user"


I want the email recipient (like a manager of the person that submitted the form) to be able to edit the form.


The manager gets this error when opening the link to edit. I can open this link because I am a site owner, the manager is just a contributor. I really don't want to add all 500 managers to the site.


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Hello @NMenB 


i know this behavior.


I see, everyone have the permission edit or contribute but not read all, when you set the advanced setting to "read all items" the managers, and everyone with contribute or edit, can edit every item.


As alternative but for better automatically permission management, you can use Power Automate to set item level permissions for the author and their manager.


Hope that helps.


Regards, Dave