Intranet Videos - Where to upload?

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I'm building a Sharepoint intranet for training videos and I'm curious as to the thoughts MS has about how to best implement videos.


I could do Channels in Stream and then embed them in my Sharepoint pages. That would get me auto-transcripts, but I don't see much more value for the added complexities and management of Stream.


My thought is to upload the video files directly to logical folder structure in the relevant Sharepoint Site and just go from there.


Thoughts? What does Stream offer? What is the intended purpose of Stream?

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@oiverson nonono, do not just upload them to SharePoint. It wasn't built for handling videos and if you get lots of people viewing a video simultaneously you may well get bad buffering. Your initital thought about using Stream is the right way to approach this as it was built specifically for this purpose and the videos can be played nicely in a SharePoint page with chapters etc.


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@oiverson New version of Stream uses SharePoint/OneDrive as backend. Videos uploaded to Stream gets stored in SharePoint as well. When played, videos play in a web steam player making the experience better than what it is now when playing a video uploaded to SharePoint. 


With that being said, I think you are going in right direction with uploading videos to SharePoint and surfacing them in your Intranet. 

@Bharath Arja seems like @RobElliott has the better answer in terms of performance.


Thanks for your comment though - I knew that Stream videos were now being stored in Sharepoint, which is what prompted my question - why not just go directly to Sharepoint?


I think I'll stick with Stream and embed the videos in my Sharepoint pages.

@oiverson With Stream (on SharePoint) there is no video portal. Users view the videos they have access to through the new Stream client, but there’s no organization-wide portal.

Think of it as going to Word or Excel service pages in Office 365 app launcher and it pulls up all the word/Excel documents that you worked on or have access to. Hope it makes sense.

Want to add one more point - if you go with uploading videos to Stream (Classic) and embedding the them in SharePoint, within a year or so you have to go back and do a migration to move content out of Stream (Classic).