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I get an "unexpected error" when I click on the Content Type Gallery in the SP Admin Center. Anybody else? Is there some config I need to make my Global Admins aware of? TIA

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The Content type gallery is quite new and just being rolled out so I would expect we can have some errors while is fully rolled out

We've have the same issue, do you have an update or still the same?

Should we create a ticket? @llb_adowning 


We are getting this problem as well - 6 months later, is this still not resolved?

I was able to get a similar problem resolved in my own tenant by submitting a support ticket. It took almost 6 weeks to finally get fixed but there was nothing I could have done at my end. I would definitely recommend submitting a support request to Microsoft.
Creating the MS case could be solved ;)

I am also SharePoint admin and getting the same error. 


We had it too. A ticket to the support of Microsoft solve it in a few days.