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I have defined a content type on the admin level (content type gallery) and I used this content type in different sites. I want to change the order of the columns in the form of the libraries and I don’t see where I can do this. Also I tried hiding the column status in just one site but the content type is read only on the site level and when I do this at the admin level, it hides the column on all the sites. How can I do this?

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To reorder the columns, you have a couple options: go to the Content Type Gallery and open your Content Type, use the 3 dots to the right of a field to view the 'reorder columns' option. Otherwise, you can add a Power App (canvas app) or use the Customize form option (I've tried JSON in the 'new/edit' form view and it did not work).


To hide a column, you'll need to go the canvas app or customize form route.