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I have this formula now: 

"style": {
"color": "=if([$Modified] > [$Publicationdate], '#ff0000', '')",
"font-weight": "=if([$Modified] > [$Publicationdate], 'bold', '')"
I want to add 15 minutes to publicationdate, so it should be modiefied + publicationdate+15 minutes 
How can i achieve this?
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@Ainzo992 You can use addMinutes() operator to add minutes to date. Try using expressions in this format: 


"style": {
    "color": "=if([$Modified] > addMinutes([$Publicationdate], 15), '#ff0000', '')",
    "font-weight": "=if([$Modified] > addMinutes([$Publicationdate], 15), 'bold', '')"



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