Updating a sharepoint calculated column each dayw with PowerShell?

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So I have a calculated column that counts the days between two dates: a Start date and today. Was dissapointed to know that these type of columns don't update :( I know I could technically do this with a MS flow but don't want to suck up too many of the max actions with that (or with my PowerApps form, but don't think this will fix the "update each day automatically problem"). 
I read that the auto update can be done with power shell: SharePoint Online: Update Calculated Field Formula using PowerShell - SharePoint Diary, however I'm no programmer so this was all gibberish to me. Can anyone give me a guide for dummies on how to acheive what was written in that post? I have no idea what fields I have to change, nor where this would even go even.

Thanks in advance!

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