Adding new external guest to SharePoint Site - name does not appear

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Does anyone know why the name of an external guest does not appear after you add them to a user group on a SharePoint site (when they are a new guest)?  And only appears after they accept the invite? 


I can't find any mention of this on MS Feedback pages or on the roadmap (maybe just haven't come across it) but it is a big issue for us as we don't want to be sending multiple invites to a user but as they don't appear on the list of users it's difficult to know whether they have been added or not.

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Because the object doesn't get created in the userinfo table until they get an AAD match. You should be able to look at the Access Requests page to see status of all your invites instead of having to resend or guess at them. It's under Site Settings, or you can append /Access%20Requests/pendingreq.aspx?mbypass=1 after your site url.