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Hello, I have an API odata Query that retrieves HR information from the SAP user profile. I hoped to use in SharePoint online somehow.  The particular use case - to set the SAP employee ID to the current user or at least to retrieve based on the value entered into a Person Lookup (Nintex form).  I've had a look around - several Google fails.  Hope my question is relevant in this forum.  Just looking for the basic concept.  Thank you$filter=username+eq+%27USERID%27&$format=json and



Thank you.


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Hi @Nicolle Brice,

you can add custom data to resources using extensions from Graph API.

SharePoint Online users are configured on Azure AD, so you can manage (and extends) user properties.

Here you can find a specific sample for user entity :)


After that, you can integrate with Nintex.




Thank you so much Federico!
You're welcome ;)