How to create sharepoint forms list with link to another list

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I would like to create a product list (list A) by integrating a search column towards a customer list (list B).
I would like to allow to enter a new customer (i.e. create an entry in list B) when this does not exist in the list (i.e. when the column searches for ) directly from my form my product list.
Is it possible just from sharepoint? if so could you help me?


If not :sad:, I was thinking of adapting my form as follows using the form's conditional view options :

  • if existing customer in the customer list (list B), it's simple:

- display of the search field in list B and hiding of the creation fields.

  • if non-existing customer in list B:

- display of columns identical to those appearing in the customer list allowing the entry of information for the creation of new customers (column that I call "creation fields")

- using a flow to copy the creation fields from the product list (list A) to the customer list (B).


Another idea would be to have a hyperlink field to the customer list in the product list entry form...


What do you think? not easy ?

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