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Create an encrypted document by external user

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Good morning.


We have a question about the permission of external users (invited users) of a tenant. These external users could create (I do not say read or modify, I say create from zero) an encrypted document with the policies published? 


I configure the policy to allow to use it by an external user, but this user cannot use it because Word does not show any policy to choose. But I could use it and work fine the policy because this user can read and modify an encrypted document created by an internal user of the tenant

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Hello @prodriguez9356 . Just so I understand. You add an external user and this user does not see the label in his/her Office? That is as it should be. The possibilities to add external users is for them to be able to read protected content, and not protect. Guest users are not logged into office with an account that is licensed to use AIP in your tenant.

But we can assign a Rights Management Adhoc license to an external user. (I do not want to use the labeling, just protection capabilities so install the AIP client is not an option, I use the protection functionalities inside of Word "Protect document -> Restrict Access" and inside this menu I want to select a policy)

Hi @prodriguez9356 The Rights Management adhoc license or Rights management for individuals, is for consuming rights management protected content and not for protecting it. If I understand your request it is not possible to do with the setup you describe.