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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Cannot edit protection templates

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I've finally managed to get the new Permission button to appear in Outlook, giving me access to OME.  As well as Encrypt Only and Do Not Forward, I'm also seeing options for Confidential\All Employees and Highly Confidential\All Employees.  I'd very much like to lose these last two options, at least for now.


Having tracked them down to default AIP label protection templates, I thought I could just disable these, as we've never used them.  However whatever I try to change within the template , even the description,  I cannot save, as the save icon is greyed out.


I am using an account that has global admin privs. Should I be able to edit these?

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School boy error (by me or by MS? you can decide).  The out of the box templates have illegal characters in their names, and I missed the lovely red box that was pointing at the error.  Get rid of the illegal character and the save button is activated. 

@Lloyd AdamsCould you really rename these protection templates. I cannot rename them, it always tells me the new template name already exists, regardless what weird name i give it.

Did you rename them in the UI? or with PowerShell?

this is a real pain! Any help appreciated.



@Franck MarteauxI edited then in the UI, not PowerShell.    Clicked on the templates that are now in grey in the image below. Simply removed the illegal character and saved.  Not sure what else I can say really to help.