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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Guest Accounts (non-ms) and encrypted documents

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Hi All,


I've done a search and have been combing through documents looking for confirmation that guest accounts that are not MS need to be tied to Microsoft to open a protected document in a desktop application. This is with the integration working between SPO and AAD to create accounts.


This seems to be the hunch looking at the following posts:

Secure external collaboration using sensitivity labels - Microsoft Tech Community 

Manage sensitivity labels in Office apps - Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs t


Non protected document:

- Recipient authenticates to SPO

- Recipient opens the doc in Web Apps

- Everything is fine


Protected document:

- Recipient authenticates to SPO

- Web App asked to open in a desktop app

- Desktop App launches but asks the user to sign-in, they don't have a ms account e.g.

- User cant authenticate to view the data (Account not found)*



*Guest exists in the tenant and has authed previously via the web apps. 


Completing some tests with co-authoring on in another environment, the user can open an encrypted document on the web without setting up a MS identity. I was hoping like with the web when federated they would just re-auth through the google workflow. 


Does this seem right? Every guest using non-MS accounts that wants to open a document locally would need to setup a MS account when utilising but not when using Web Apps?


I have likely missed something, but keen to see how other people are working. 





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From further testing:

- External Gmail users will need to use Web Apps in the sender's tenant as a guest user to access encrypted documents.
- External gmail users cannot use an office suite to sign in unless they have a MS enabled account to access the document.

Looks like this is a hard requirement