What online Project Plan is closest to MS Project 2016

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I am interested in upgrading my users from M.S. Project 2016 Pro to a cloud based solution from Microsoft. 


I need the team planner and other functions that are available in the M.S. Project 2016 Pro version. What is the closest version in the could to upgrade from 2016 Pro?




Jonathan in Jakarta 



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Hello @JonathanKine ,

In Office 365 there is the subscription version of the Project Online Desktop client - this is the latest version of the Project desktop tool with all the features including features like:

Project Online Desktop is included with Project Plan 3 license or above, see this link for details: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/project/microsoft-project-licensing

In Office 365 there is also the Project Online service - Project Server but in the Office 365 cloud.


@Paul Mather  Thank you very much!  Will check our Plan 3!