Users are not able to open Projects from O365 in Chrome to MS Project on the desktop

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So we are running into an issue that appears may be attributed to a Chrome update. I am looking to gather feedback from others to see if you are experiencing the same issues as us. 


When a user logs into O365 and they navigate to Project Online, they locate the project they want to view and then they try to open it using the MS Project Pro software installed on their system. The normal result is the project opens without issue. 


What is happening now is MS Project opens but the Project itself fails to open. The current workaround is to use IE. 


Have you experienced this? 

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It does appear to relate to the version 64 or 65 (Beta) releases of Chrome.  Our product group are looking into it - not sure at this stage if Microsoft or Google will need to make a change.  Once Project opens you could also use File, Open to open any plans - but for other actions such as opening a calendar your suggested workaround of IE (or Edge or Firefox) is good.  This also affects the latest release of Opera as it is based on Chrome.

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Thanks Brian I appreciate you and the product group for looking into this and I look forward to hearing about any progress you might have on this. 

I hope to have more information by the end of the week Jon.  

No news yet - but a very similar issue now with the latest IE11 updates for Windows 7 11.50 and above.

Uh oh, that is no good. So are you seeing the same thing in Windows 10 as well or just Windows 7?

*** Edit - I've since heard that KB4074736 didn't resolve the issue ***  See Service Health dashboard and the Advisory under SharePoint Online SP129758 - Microsoft Project / Windows 7 issue


Just Windows 7 Jon, and we should be posting to Service Health Dashboard shortly.  I've also heard that updating with KB4074736 may fix this - and the root of the problem was an earlier Windows security patch from 8/9 Feb - but still gathering data.

A posting to the Service Health dashboard has been made SP129758 - Microsoft Project / Windows 7 issue.  This affects IE 11,  Chrome has a different issue but same result - the project does not open (but for Chrome at least the client application does open).

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The Win 7 and IE 11 issue was resolved over the weekend with a fix rolled out to the Project Online service.  There are still similar symptoms related to Chrome and also some Protocol Handler version problmes that may look similar - but the IE 11 and Win 7 should be resolved now.

Is there an ETA on this issue being resolved. I have not been able to open Projects from PWA to Project in Chrome for 2 months.


Sorry for the inconvenience Owen.  If you use the subscription Project Online Desktop Client then the fix is already available in the Monthly Release channel.  If you are using a MSI then the fix should be released in the April public updates - die 3rd April.

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This issue is still not fixed and the Public Patch will not install.

Can you share more details Owen and I am sure we can help?  The public patch is only applicable to the non-subscription client.  If you are using the subscription client then it is already fixed in the monthly channel - but if you are in the semi-annual channel then you will jot have the fix yet.  Either open a support incident or ask you administrator t open one - or switch you to the monthly channel.

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The final piece of information you provide allowed me to resolve the issue with your information on how subscriptions receive updates.

Once I ran the script to change to Monthly Office/Project Updated and the issue was resolved.


Below is the link for other's who need help getting the patch.


Glad you resolved this Steve - and thanks for sharing the link too - I should have mentioned the semi-annual channel in my first response.  And apologies for calling you 'Owen' rather than 'Steve' - twice - I can't blame lack of coffee...

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Hello Brian

To the semi annual channel, when will be the fix ready, at the end of june?


Thanks, Ana Cecilia

I am still unable to open projects from Chrome.  Should the resolution/update been pushed to everyone at this time?  


I'm trying to understand if this is an issue specific to my environment or if there is a resolution forthcoming from MSFT.


Thanks for any help.

Hello Brian, 


Thank you for the replies on this post, we are facing the same issue using Project Server 2016, is there a known fix for this? 


Using the latest version of Chrome on Win7, Win8 and Win10 and facing same issue


any update or workaround that can get project schedules to open through Chrome is highly appreciated


EDIT: i found this link that proposes a solution, will give it a try and see if it works, if you also have any other solutions, would greatly appreciate it




This is quite an old thread Khaledh, and I wasn't aware that this issue had returned.  I just tested on the very latest Chrome build and it works perfectly for me on Window 10.  I'm not sure why it isn't working for you but you could open a support case with Microsoft so we can help investigate.

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Hello Brian and much appreciated for the response! This is happening at a client site, might it be that they are running an old version of Project Professional 2016?