Trigger Project field change to external system

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On Prem MS Project system, if a project field is changed, is it possible to create a trigger to be sent to different application which has MS Access as frontend and SQL server as backend. 

Could you please provide information on what various trigger methods are available to push project field information upon change.

Thank you

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There is no built-in function for transmitting field changes to other applications but it can be done with an Event based macro. Here is a link to get you started.
Thank you John. We are updating the field in project information page through PWA (Project web app). Is there any option to trigger the event on PWA upon change of field in the project page?
I really appreciate for responding to my question.


You're welcome. Unfortunately I only use the desktop version of Project so I do not know what might be available with Project Online via PWA although I doubt there is anything that will trigger on a change event. Hopefully one of my colleagues will jump in and shed some light.



Thanks John. We have on Prem Project server 2019 with PWA.