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Working in Project Online,  I have a customer who wants to use Resource Teams, but tasks assigned to Team Resource Pool Resource do not appear to show in the Capacity Planning graphs, though they do show in the Resource Assignments.  Is this an expected behaviour or a bug?

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Hi Sara,

Did you check if the team resource was set as "Proposed" in your Project Team?

If yes, there is an option in the Capacity Planning graphs, that also adds proposed bookings.

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Unfortunately that does not seem to be the cause. Have just tested it again in a different project in a different PWA site on different tenant, both proposed and committed, but no assignments to the Team Pool Resource show in any of the capacity planning graphs though all in the resource assignments.
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We've reported this as an issue as they used to appear in the Resource charts. In the interim, we've built dashboards in Power BI that automatically include this information. So, you may have to address this using reporting in the interim.


Treb Gatte, Project MVP,