Spreading out work over a date range in MS Project?

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Hey all, I'm a new Project user currently building an IMS. Several tasks in the schedule take a certain number of hours (i.e. 40 hours) but the date range has been stated by the managers to be 2 weeks (which would be 80 hours of continuous work.) I'm trying to figure out how to accurately depict that a certain task which takes a limited number of hours is spread out along a time frame, but whenever I change either duration or start-finish range, it changes the other. I have read about creating different calendars potentially, but since this is very person- and task-specific, I would end up having to create hundreds of custom calendars for each one. Does anyone have advice on how to address this? Thank you so much in advance.

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Yes. Make the tasks of fixed duration type. That will "lock" the start and finish and allow work hours to be spread over that period or manually edited as desired. This is what it might look like in the Task Usage view, but you can edit daily work hours if needed,



Thank you so much!!
You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.