Resources not available to pull through in GANT view

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I deleted resources in the resource sheet (not assigned), I've since added new resources back in, but in the Resource Name column in GANTT view they are not available for selection, I just get a blank dropdown.

Please can you help?
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Hello @hortsy ,

Are you using Project Desktop only (without Project Server / Project Online)? What version of Project? I have just tried to repro this but I'm not able to.


First of all, what version of Project are you using? And is it in an enterprise environment (e.g. Project Server or Project Online)? Are you using a resource pool file or is this a stand-alone Project file with it's own resources?

For reference, assigning resources from the drop down in the Resource Names field is not the best way to assign resources. There are a few different best ways to assign resources including using the Assign Resources found under, Resources > Assignments > Assign Resources. Do you see the added resources when you use that method?