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If a mega project has three funding resources, $10,000,000.00: Internal resources-$5,000,000.00, donations-$2,000,000.00, and contributions-$3,000,000.00, how do you realize the amount in MS Project:

1. Do you add all the funding resources as one and place it under "Budget Cost, " or

2. Can you create separate columns for each funding sources? If you do, how do you set the formulas?



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Molalenge --

I would recommend that you create three Budget Cost resources named Funding - Internal, Funding - Donations, and Funding - Contributions. Apply the Task Usage view and assign these three resources to the Project Summary Task (Row 0 or Task 0). Insert the Budget Cost column and enter the appropriate Budget Cost value for each of these three resources. The Budget Cost value for the Project Summary Task will show you the total funding for the project. Hope this helps.