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Hi, I have a Master Project.mpp  file with two tasks named T1 and T2, Besides there are two sub project.mpp files which are inserted to Master Project.mpp File. Suppose that all Tasks of Sub Project1.mpp are Done and as you see in Master Project.mpp  file, Time Progress of Total Project is 50% (%Complete Column) but ratio of time weight factor of sub project1 to Total project in Master Project.mpp  is 51.79% ((232/448)*100). Which of these numbers is true? 50% or 51.79%? why ?




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Project calculates a weighted percent complete for summary level as:

(sum of subtask actual durations)/(sum of durations) *100%

For your example that is, 23/46 = 50%


I'm not sure what your "% Progress" is designed to represent but it only takes into account the sum of durations which isn't really meaningful. So, to answer your question, I think the 50% value shown in the % Complete field is a more meaningful representation. However, keep in mind that the % Complete field is duration based and the passage of time (duration) doesn't measure any kind of "progress" except for paint drying, concrete curing, etc.