Any Idea to Integrated/Collaborate Project for the Web to Project Online

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Is there a way to collaborate/integration Project for the Web to Project Online (PWA) like subproject etc?
For Example : 

Master Project have a subproject to colaborate with Project for the web, on my case there are user with different licenses.
- Technicians (Plan 1 - Project for the Web) and Project Manager (Plan 3 - Project Online).

Project Manager (Plan 3) : Create a Master Project and have a Subproject (Project for the web) to be updated from Technicians

Technicians (Plan 1) : Update Master Project from Project for the web, and automaticly updated progress on the Master Project

Thank you

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Hello @TheophilusKevin,


This is not possible out of the box but you could look to build a Power Automate flow that did this. You would need to extend the Project for the web entity to include a field value that enabled you to associate a project to a Project in Project Online. You would need to same field and value in Project Online against the Master project - this would be the key between the data sets. The Flow could use the CDS connector to read the Project for the web data then use a SharePoint HTTP connector in Flow to call the Project Online REST API ({pwaSite}/_api/ProjectServer/) to update the Master Project. This could run on a schedule.

If you didn't need to actually update the Master Project in Project Online, you could just have the two fields that links the Project for the web projects and the Project Online project, then use Power BI to build a report to visualise the projects progress  - that would be far easier.