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Can someone tell me why I need to use the RBS in POL?  What advantages does it give?

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James --

RBS stands for Resource Breakdown Structure. To populate the RBS field, you must create a set of values in the RBS lookup table that mimics the "org chart" for your company. Then you must populate an RBS value for each resource in the organization.

There are a few reasons why you might want to use the RBS field. One reason is because the RBS field is part of the security model for Project Online, which can be used to grant access to specific resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool. A second reason is for reporting about resources in the organization. A third reason is because the RBS field can be used for either grouping or filtering in the Resource Center page.

Keep in mind that Project Online does not require you to use the RBS field. It is available to you only if you need it. Otherwise, ignore it. Hope this helps.

Thanks for that Dale. Considering how useful it seems to be I find it strange there are no youtube, etc content on the market about this.