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Is it possible for a project in POL to have a 2nd PM, i.e. can update and edit the schedule and project information page. And if so how can it be set up.  I appreciate that only one of them can access the data.


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James -- There is no direct way to set a second Owner of the project, but there is an indirect method. Navigate to the Project Center page in PWA and then click the white row header at the far left end of the project row for the project in question. This action will highlight the entire task row. In the Projects ribbon, click the Permissions button. On the Project Permissions page, click the New button. On the Edit Project Permissions page, select the name of the second project manager and add him/her to the Users and Groups with Permissions list. Then select all of the checkboxes in the Permissions section of the page. Click the Save button to complete the special permissions process. The second PM will now have permission to open, edit, save, and publish the project schedule. Hope this helps.

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