Need help opening a Teams Project in Desktop App

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Hi there,


My company uses Microsoft Teams and there are a small number of us in the business with MS Project licences. We manage the projects for the other areas of the business and we give our clients access to a shared teams site for the purpose of communication and document sharing.


I have created a Project in the teams site by means of 

Adding a new tab

Selecting the project app

Naming it.


For the sake of this example, let's call it "Teams_Project".


Now I would like to update that project using the desktop client.  Advertising literature seems to suggest it's possible but I cannot see how.


If I go to I can see Teams_Project. I can update it in Project for the Web. I can also see from this page that my default PWA site is (companyname is the correct SharePoint URL for my company)


I have gone to the desktop app and, in the info section, added a new project web app account that matches the site url above. In the first instance I received an error message that it couldn't connect. So I went along to the URL and found I needed permissions. Our admin allowed me full control and I can now access the site using the desktop app. 


However, I cannot see Teams_Project.  I've run a test, and saved a file called "Desktop_Project". I can see this when I go to  but not when I go to


If I try to add a new project tab in teams, I can only add Teams_Project or create a new team.


What do I need to do to get them talking to each other? Is there something painfully obvious Im missing or can anyone point me towards a guide that might help? 


This is one of the most complicated setup processses. I really think there should just be an option in Teams to "Open in Desktop App" like all other MS Office files.

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Tony --

There is no connection whatsoever between the Project for the Web application and the Project Online application, which includes the Microsoft Project desktop application. Project for the Web and Project Online are two separate project management applications and there is no integration between them. So, what you are trying to do is not possible. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 


This is pretty awful news and a major flaw. I've got a team of people all using MS Project on a daily basis and they are telling me that Project Online doesn't replicate the functionality of the application. As a result, they do not want to move to it.


Honestly, at this point this is a real showstopper for us. 

Do you know if there is any roadmap to change this? I've just tried to create a project using Project Online and it's absolutely awful. It's taken me about 45 minutes to add it in because there's not even a way to copy and paste it in from an excel spreadsheet.

I can't believe that this is the way that MS wants us to work.