Share Project in Multiple Teams

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I have a project that I would like to share with multiple teams in MS Teams - how can I achieve this? Using MS Project Online.


So far I can only share it with one team.


Both Team A and Team B need to see the project details. I am not the admin of Team A nor Team B. At some stage in the future Team C may also need to see the project details.


I don't want to duplicate the project and have to update it in multiple teams, that's inefficient.


I also don't want to create a new team and add members, this also seems like unnecessary work.


Is is possible to share a project with multiple teams? Seems like a reasonable expectation.

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jonboylib --

To the best of my knowledge, Project for the Web does not allow the project manager to add multiple groups to the project. I think your best option would be to create a new group and add all of the people to it who need to interact with the project. And by the way, FYI, the tool you are using is named Project for the Web and not Project Online. Hope this helps.