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I was wondering if there is a way to export a project made in Teams to MS Project Desktop version. So far I have not been able to find anything that would allow me to do that. I know you can export from teams into an excel but I cannot figure out a way to import an excel to MS Project desktop. 


Any advice or help would be really appreciated.




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Ampervor --

The project to which you are referring in Teams was created in the application known as Project for the Web. As you have found out, there is no direct way to export a P4TW project to the Microsoft Project desktop application. Microsoft's intention, I believe, is for people to export their projects from Microsoft Project to Project for the Web, but not the other way around.

I have personally experimented with a process to export a P4TW project to Microsoft Project. I first exported the project to an Excel workbook using the built-in export feature. Then I copied and pasted relevant information into an entirely NEW workbook. Then I used the Import Wizard in Microsoft Project to import the project from the new workbook. But it was a TON of work!

Hope this helps.
Thank you!! That was helpful.

Do you know if you can access MS Project for the web outside of the Teams application addon?
Ampervor --

Navigate to the following URL in your web browser to navigate to Project for the Web outside of teams:

Hope this helps.
If we remove access from a Teams channel where the MS Project was created can we still access using that link?

Thanks so much for all your help. It has been amazing!
Yes, you can still access the project in your web browser using the link I provided previously.