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I work for a company running multiple projects at any one time, and am looking for a program that integrates all the different aspects of each project.


The following is what we need to be able to do as a minimum – either with one product or between 2 or 3 if that’s how it works:

  • Different users need to be able to access one project all at the same time, and be able to make any changes/updates and these then be visible to other uses while they’re still using it
  • Add attachments to tasks e.g. excel/word documents, CAD files
  • Be sent a notification (I imagine email through outlook) to users/assigned resources when the next task is due to be started/completed or is late
  • To be able to create/edit and view roadmaps to show all projects alongside each other – again to be live
  • When a date changes in a task – manually or automatically – this needs to be updated everywhere, especially on the roadmaps to highlight any clashes between projects

Are any Microsoft project programmes capable of all of these individually or as a collective, and if not which ones are not possible – and why?



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BDonnan --

Microsoft Project and Project Online can do everything except item #1. Hope this helps.

Hey @BDonnan ,

Try out Microsoft Project for the web and Roadmap. If you need additional capability, look at the Project Accelerator solution: