Microsoft Project Online - Add Project Name, to Gannt Chart View

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Is it possible to add the Project Name to the Gannt Chart View in project online? 


I see in PWA Setting - Look and Feel - Gantt Chart Formats you can change the bars but unlike professional I cant see how to add the Project name


Kind regards Steve

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When you display the Schedule PDP for a project, PWA will hide the project name when you display the Project, Page, Task, or Options tabs. However, if you click the Browse tab, you will be able to see the project name at the top of the page, such as shown below. Hope this helps.





@Dale Howard Hi Dale. On your screen shot where you have line items & milestones in the Gantt chart can you show them in here or do I need to look to do this outside of Project Online i.e. Power BI. What would be your recommendation? Kind regards Steve



The screenshot is of the Schedule PDP of a project. The project includes summary tasks, detailed tasks, and milestones, all of which are shown by default in the Schedule PDP. If you need to show important tasks and milestones across multiple projects, then you would need to use a Power BI report for this purpose. Hope this helps.