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I am using Project professional. When I start the Project in my computer, there are so many Profiles which are created automatically. I have no idea why there are so many profiles..

How do I remove others and keep only one profile?




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Joey --

This is not the default behavior of Microsoft Project. I would recommend you reach out to your Project Online application administrator for help with this. Hope this helps.
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@Joey_Cho - I've seen this with several of our users.  This tends to happen if you open a project from the PWA in Project desktop and while it's open you lose your network connection, you forget to check the project in, etc.  I'm sure there are other things that may cause this, but the fix is simple (usually).

Remove unwanted Login Profiles

1. Open MS Project
2. Click 'Options' at the bottom right hand corner
3. Click 'Cancel' on 'Project Options' dialog
4. On the menu bar select 'File, Info'
5. Click the 'Project Web App Accounts' button on the 'Info' page
6. Select the invalid/corrupted entries then click 'Remove'.  Repeat as needed


I'd also suggest you delete your local MSP cache. 

Delete Cache

  1. Do not skip this step. Close MSP Desktop software.  
  2. On your machine navigate to the Cache folder. 
    1. Go to C:\Users\<Your ID>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MS Project\16\  
    2. To make it easier to find this folder in the future, you can pin this folder to your Quick access options, by right clicking over the Cache folder and selecting Pin to Quick access 
  3. Delete the contents of the Cache folder

@RFromm Thank you so much. I removed all messy profiles! Thanks!

@Joey_Cho Glad to help.  Thanks for replying and letting us know it resolved your issue.