Is it possible to create a compressed timeline for presentation?

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Hello! I am relatively new at Microsoft Project, and as I've worked, I was wondering how to tackle this problem I've encountered where I'd like to essentially present multiple tasks in one line.


For some background, I am compiling a large list of all the active projects in a certain time period. All these projects compete for the same few resource groups, which I'll call Apples, Bananas, and Cats. These resources are used sporadically throughout all projects, but sometimes only for a single day, with long gaps with other irrelevant resources between them. I have the resources color coded, such that when a resource is entered for a certain task, the task bar changes to a corresponding color. 


However, if considering a project where say, I will need Apples 8 times throughout a 3 month period, the gantt chart gets a little long, and with 20 projects under similar circumstances, this is where the problem arises.


I'm trying to figure out a way to compress the projects into a single color coded bar, similar to the one I've crudely drawn in Microsoft Paint. Then, I'd like to print MANY of these style of bars for MANY projects. Any advice?


Thank you so much for your time!

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Within a given project, you can use the native "timeline bar" functionality. This may work for you if you have those resources assigned to distinct tasks. Also, you can apply formatting to the bars so colors shouldn't be hard.


However, to compile a view with multiple projects and if you have them in Project Online, you're looking more at using the odata feeds for assignments. I'd guess PowerBI would probably be your best friend, but you might be able to do some visualization directly in excel.