Overallocation picture only accurate with resource all projects open?

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I am experimenting with project online and the desktop software as a solution for project/resource management, but I have hit some confusing problems in the program.  First, let me say the auto-scheduling based on resource availability is phenomenal when it works.  Notifications of over allocation and fixed external date problems are really great.  However, I noticed that while the auto scheduler/leveler will pick up on resource overallocation on multiple projects for a given resource assignment when those projects are open, it completely ignores schedules and assignments for projects that are not directly open in the application.  


I must be missing something here because the auto scheduler overlapping task assignments without even indicating the other allocations almost makes the software useless from a resource management view.  To accurately schedule a project around other schedules/assignments you would need to have open (and know) every project every resource is ever scheduled on! 



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Hi Myles,

You need to check the "Load Summary Resource Assignments" option when starting the Project client.






If you don't see it, be sure to activate the dialog:

File->Info->Manage Accounts: Configure Accounts->When Starting: "Choose an account"