Glitches in using Project for the Web through MS Teams

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We've been using PFW through MS Teams for a while now, and in a Teams Post Page we could click on a Task, that would then take us to the Project Plan page and directly to the task we clicked on.  It's suddenly stopped working and just takes us to the project plan page, where we then have to scroll to find the task rather than taking us straight to it.


Secondly, when clicking on tasks in Grid view, we were able to see the task card, and the conversation thread for that task, next to each other.  Sometimes I have to click on it twice to make it happen, for some of my colleagues it is simply not happening.


Anyone know what we can do to sort this?  Thank you in advance.

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@Mase1020 I don't have any suggestions for you, but we have also seen erratic behavior using Pftw through Teams, or just in Pftw (both default and named instances). We have several users that can use the Project app add projects from the default environment and named instances with no issues, while other users with the same license, permissions and access get an error when using the Project app. I have a ticket open with Microsoft on this, but no solution/fix yet.

Personally, I haven't seen it take you directly to the task when clicking on the task conversation link or the task details pane be opened as you described, but those would be a nice features.

@RFromm I really appreciate your response thank you.  Would you mind sharing the outcome of your ticket with MS when you get it?


@Mase1020 Will do.  I did get an update from Microsoft yesterday.  They confirmed, that after multiple attempts they were able to reproduce the issue and will start working toward a resolution.  The interesting thing is our internal users are no longer experiencing this issue with the Project app in Teams.