Display Issue in MS Project Professional 2016

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Some users in our Project Server implementation (Server 2019, Pro 2016) are having display issues in their clients. They have RAM of 32GB. What else should be checked?



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Barakb321 --

What is the display issue? I have looked at the screenshot you attached, and cannot determine what the issue might be. Please explain and we will try to help you.
I have this problem also. Large sections of the spreadsheet views are blacked out, especially when I first start the application. Just now, when I was going to take a screen shot to include here, it suddenly cured itself. It doesn't always. What is going on here? MS project 2016.


I've seen similar issues appear from time to time but I attribute it to using a virtual machine. Nonetheless, the issue is most likely related to the allocation of your PC's RAM to video processing. Simply have a large amount of RAM doesn't really matter, what matters is how much of it is dedicated to the video display. I suggest you look up the help file for setting/increasing your display memory.