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I am new to Project. I have a module that I am doing and it has a start and end date. It is hard for me to change from the current date to the past date of the module dates. Help!?!?
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What exactly do you mean by "module"? In Project a module is a container for one or more VBA macros.


In Project there are a number of ways to crate a plan and as a new user I suspect you are attempting to manually enter dates into the Start and Finish fields which is exactly what you should NOT be doing. The best way to create a plan is to determine the tasks that will be necessary to accomplish the plan and then enter those tasks in a logical sequence of performance with appropriate links (dependencies) between the tasks. I strongly suggest you use auto-scheduling and avoid the tendency to "force" the plan by using Project's manual scheduling mode. Set the plan start date via Project > Properties group > Project Information. Then enter each task with the estimated time to complete the task into the Duration field. Note that duration is time span, it is NOT necessarily the amount of effort (work) to accomplish a task. Link the tasks together in the appropriate sequence using the Predecessors field. Project will then automatically create a schedule for your plan based on the Project Start Date, task durations and task dependencies.


There is a whole lot more to creating a good workable plan but the above is the starting point. Please understand that Project is not an intuitive application and has a rather steep learning curve.


Hope this helps.