Adding Status marker in Burndown Report

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Hi all, 

first time poster and new user to Microsoft project. 

I have created a Burndown report and I am wanting to add in a Status Marker or todays date marker to my report that will move with time . Can this be done? 

Or do I need to manually insert a shape and create my own marker? And then I will have to move it every time I status or need to show the report to anyone? 


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Can it be done? Possibly, but to automate the process (e.g. dynamically move the marker with the current date or status date) requires some VBA. I've never done something like that before so I'd have to do more research.





hey John! Okay great, gives me some hope! Will be interesting to know if and how it can be done - thanks in advance for your help 




I believe John can do it by VBA. I've used secondary axis once for this purpose (see the red one) but it has to be adjusted manually.



Don't hold your breath waiting for me to come back with something, I've got several things "on my plate".

I like Ismet's suggestion of using a secondary axis as it shows a nice vertical marker which may not be that easy to produce with a manually drawn line.


@Ismet Kocaman 


Hey Ismet,
that could be a great work around for the interim! How do you add a secondary axis in the Burndown reports in Microsoft project? sorry super new to the application 



It works the same way as the MS Excel charts. There are plenty of resources on the internet that explain how to do it. Hope this helps.