Change work for a task assigned to you in PWA


Hi there, 


I was wondering if there was any way to add the work field to the Task Details page?


In the below screenshot, you can see that I have made a custom view that displays the work. From the My Work page, I can edit the work in the tasks assigned to me and submit that to my manager for approval (who also happens to be me in this example). 


I was wondering if I could instead add the Work field to the Assignment Details page, I can't seem to find it in the available fields when I Manage Views.


This would mean I could make the Work column read only, meaning that the team members have to open the task into the details page to make any changes requiring approval. 


Additionally, am I only able to change the work on the My Assignments page since I have a Professional 3 license + PWA Admin permissions? 


Thanks in advance 

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BlissL --

When you added the Work column to the My Assignments view (displayed on the Tasks page in PWA), you had the option to make the column Read-Only. The default option sets this column to Read/Write, which is what I think you did. The column is Read/Write for team member in your organization who uses the Tasks page to enter progress. If you want to make the column Read-Only for everyone, you would need to open the My Assignments view for editing, select the Work field, and then select the "Make column read only" checkbox.

You are correct that the Work field is not an available field to display in the Details view on the Assignment Details page in PWA. I do not know why this is, but there is no way to work around this odd situation. Whether this is by oversight or by intention, the Work field simply is not available.

Hope this helps.
Thank you again Dale - I thought that was interesting as well, thank you for verifying that it wasn't a mistake on my end re: Work not an available field to display in Details
BlissL --

You are more than welcome for the help, my friend! :)