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Hello everyone,


I know that could be easy for some of you but my problem is the following:


I have a series of ongoing tasks and I want to update automatically the percentage of completion of each based on "todays' date".

On gantt it should be marked with one full color the area between the "activitie's start date" and "today's date" and dotted the area between "today's date" and "activities's end date".

"Today's date" should upadete itself automatically each day.


Thanks a lot for your support


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LucaGunetto --

Microsoft Project will not automatically update task progress, as per your requirements. This is an action that must be performed by the project manager. Hope this helps.
As Dale noted, Project has no functionality to do the type of custom automation you want. It could be done with a VBA macro. However, I question the validity of automatically claiming progress on any task, that isn't reality.