Flow - Approval process from a SharePoint list


Hi all,

I am doing some testings with a simple template of Flow and finding some issues that I would like to ask your help on.  

When a member os a SharePoint site, requests for an approval in the request he as the option to approve or deny. Something must be broken since he should not have access to this. Also, after the request is done, the approval status is set to yes.



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Hi @Ricardo Mendes 


Your Flow appears to be working as expected


The reason your users can see the Approval field is that it's just a choice field that will then be toggled to Yes/No depending on the approval result.


You could work your way around this issue by creating a Microsoft Form with the desired fields and then using the Form to trigger your workflow and input the results into the SharePoint list.


That's how I do many of my Flows as an example.


Hope that makes sense? Please let me know if you have any questions!


Cheers and best wishes