Content Approval – Retain Pending Status

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I'm currently working on a flow for a document approval process.


Files will be uploaded into a document library, and some metadata added to the files (Location, Category etc). The flow runs when users publish the file and the trigger is the content approval field going to Pending. The flow then refers to a SharePoint list used as an approval matrix and selects people to approve the files based on the metadata. 


Some files may need up to 10 people to approve them, one after another, and at each stage I want the flow to update a column in the document library called 'Currently With', to say who the approval is currently sat with.


But when I use an update action to update the SharePoint list with this information at each approval point, the document naturally reverts the content approval status back to Draft, because a change has been made to the item. 


I've noticed that the 'set content approval status' action doesn't have 'Pending' as an option, just Approve, Reject or Submit. 


Is there any way around this? I just want the document to remain pending up until it has finished being approved by up to 10 people. 



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Did you happen to try setting the status to 'Submit'? I think that 'might' set it to Pending for libraries that use minor versioning.