Sketchy or Shrewd? Minimizing Premium Licensing Needs Example/Question

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Context: All of our employees have Office 365 E3 licenses which includes standard Power Automate / Power Apps usage (no premium connections). I'm trying to use Power Apps to accomplish a pretty small need for our business (vehicle meter readings to SQL).


Let's say I have a Power App that takes user input and sends it to a SharePoint List via Power Automate. This is a standard connection so our E3 licenses have us covered here.


Now I create a separate flow triggering on SharePoint List "When an item is created..". I take contents of this item, fire it away as parameters in a HTTP Request and get my data in SQL. This is a premium connection, and so I license a single account (the creator of this flow) with premium licensing.


Am I gaming the system or doing anything wrong here? Or is this just a wise use of licensing? Appreciate any feedback - I don't want to go down this route only to find out later we're misusing the services and need to pony up money I didn't budget.



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