Receiving Flow save failed with code 'InvalidTemplate' and message 'The template validation failed

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I'm new to Power Automate.  I've created a cloud flow triggered with a item in a SharePoint list is created or modified.  We would like the approval process to be completed either by email or within an adaptive card in Teams.  Everything is working fine until I added the Condition to see if the response was either approved or rejected.  Please see attached.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!Invalid Template Error_Page_3.jpgInvalid Template Error_Page_4.jpgInvalid Template Error_Page_1.jpgInvalid Template Error_Page_2.jpg

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I just saw a response that fixed my issue by changing body('adaptivecard')?['data']?['submitActionId']

 to body('Post_Adaptive_Card_and_wait_for_a_response')?['data']?['submitActionId']