Take a URL and Create a PDF in a Gallery

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I have a list that contains a URL column and i have a document viewer on my app that i would like to take the URL and it shows in the PDF Viewer. At the moment i have a work around where you press a button and it goes to the LINK selected in the gallery. I would like to have it not exit the app and open chrome, and to stay within the app.


Any thoughts? Can i take a URL and create a PDF Thumbnail which is then showable in the PDF viewer in the app?

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Hi @jamescosten 

i understand that you want to display a pdf file from SharePoint in the "PDF Viewer Control" in PowerApps. 
This is not that easy, as you can't directly reference the link to the pdf item in the control. (Most likely to authentication issues).
You need to "download" the pdf into a data-uri and provide that to the viewer control.

See this article from "Maththew Devaney" for guidance 


He is using a flow to download the file into memory and than providing the result to the viewer.

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