New Trigger Conditions for Flow!

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Microsoft Flow triggers now have a built-in condition checker (in the settings). Now in only 1 step, you can set a condition for a specific column, so that the trigger only fires when the condition is met! We wanted newer Flow makers to be able to leverage this new feature too, so here is a video that shows offr the new feature, with the bonus of a few extra tips for newer makers with minimal experience with expressions.




@ArtsyPowerApper shows how to use a new feature called "Trigger Conditions". Trigger Conditions can be added to any Trigger step in order to constrain the trigger to only fire when the expression is true. Since the conditions can look intimidating to new users unfamiliar with advanced expressions
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Thanks! This is huge gap that we used to use all the time in SharePoint designer flows that has now been filled! Thanks for letting us know about it!

@Audrie Gordon This is great, thank you! 


I have a question regarding the trigger. I want to be able to trigger a flow when a specific column is modified in anyway, what is the trigger condition for that? Is it something like "@onChange("?

@Audrie Gordon I have the same question as @JodyClaggett985 . Can you provide any clarification on how to make a trigger link to a specific column being modified?



@Audrie Gordon 


Finally, Very good! 


Thx for sharing.

Here you guys go. Only current way to do this is utilizing an HTTP request call to get a columns previous value, then act based on the change.

Excellent, thanks @Chris Webb !

@Audrie Gordon 

I am having a view and I want to send a notification to the owner of these views. For example, I have 9 rows with 3 action items for 3 Areas. There is one column with Owner, so 3 owners of these Areas. There is one column name state (In-progress, Completed). My ask is how we can trigger monthly mail notifications to owners if their respective action item state is "In progress" at the start of each month. So if any action item is "In-Progress" then the owners will receive the mail but not for a complete one.

Excellent tutorial and great guide to create a cheat sheet. Thank you!