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I have a SharePoint problem that involves Power Apps.

I have asked in the Power Apps community, but nobody there can help.

I have logged a ticked with Microsoft, and the Power Apps engineer assigned to the ticket, could not provide a solution.

I am hoping for somebody with lots of SharePoint knowledge, that can help me.



I have a model-driven app with which I want to upload documents to SharePoint.

The initial integration seems in order, however, when a document is uploaded, it doesn't go to SharePoint.


Is there anybody that has successfully created a MODEL driven app, with documents uploaded to SharePoint?

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I have, but first:
Maybe provide the links to your Power Platform forum link and such as well, in order to get a better understanding of what has already been tested?

How are your settings configured in the initial setup? What steps have you taken?


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I have resolved this problem. 

How did you resolve your issue?

I am rather new to Power Platform. Actually to Microsoft as a whole. So I learn by trial and error most of the time!
I used a column of data type = file, in the table. Documents uploaded in that way, will never go to SharePoint, although I thought it would.
I had to use the related documents tab to upload files; those go to SharePoint.
Now I just have to figure out how to give information about the files so that it is displayed in SharePoint columns. Onto the next stumbling block!

Oh ok, well basically there is an identifier in the folder names which are created on SharePoint when linking the Document Management, that identifier is also visible in Dataverse and you can use power automate to update certain metadata like that :)
Thank you. Will investigate that.
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I have resolved this problem. 

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