Creating a flow from a SharePoint list

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I am trying to set up a flow based on a SharePoint list.

The purpose of the flow is to control the process of requesting a certain analysis. We have a group of people requesting this analysis from another group of people, and a third group which occasionally need to approve/review the analysis.

When a new entry is made in the SharePoint list, an email is to be sent to the person specified in a column in the list. The email should contain an attachment, and a link to a folder where the final analysis is to be uploaded. After the file has been uploaded an email with link to the file should be sent to a third person (approver - also specified in the SharePoint list). After approval an email containing link to the file should be sent to the requester.

Anyone has a simple guide on how to do this?

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Hi @Deleted

Is there a particular part of this process you're having trouble with and need help on? You describe a pretty detailed and specific use case for someone to have already created a guide about it, but the forums are a good place for help with things you're stuck on...