Power Automate flow can skip creating the document library

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I have a SharePoint list which has two custom columns: 

1-Customer(drop down list/Choice)

2-Contract Title(Text filed)

When an user create a new contract then a power automate flow automatically:

-creates a document library with the name of the customer

-breaks the permission/stopping the inheritance/create a unique permission for the document library

-creates a folder in the document library with the Contract Title

Those all work fine.


NOTE: One Customer can have many contracts.


Scenario is this: When the user creates another(second/third etc.) contract for the same customer(Document library), the power automate flow should create another contract folder in the same document library/customer. However, it does NOT create and it is running forever.


Because the document library is already created.

I want the power automate flow to see if the document library is already created then it should skip the document library creation and it should directly go to creating a new folder for the new contract.




I hope someone can have answer for this.




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