How to manage recurring tasks in Planner?

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I would like to use Planner to monitor the implementation of an IT team's production plan. Indeed, a production plan is a set of planned tasks - not necessarily assigned to someone but rather to a team. These tasks are often recurring: daily (for example, checking backups) or monthly (deploying security patches).

I could not understand how I could introduce the notion of recurring task directly or indirectly into Planner. I eventually considered that the calendar of the team concerned could contain recurring events that could be transformed into tasks via FLOW.

But I didn't manage to get to the end of that idea.

Thank you for your help if you have already done so or have other ideas.


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Unfortunately Planner does not provide this capability out the box so if you need this, you have to ideate a solution to be able to have recurring tasks in Planner...Flow could help here

Thank you for your support.

Do you have any idea how I could use FLOW to achieve the desired result?
I reviewed the different models but did not find the one or ones that would be suitable for me.

Perfect! Perfect!

The situation described corresponds exactly to the use case I was describing.
I will read carefully the solution proposal around the Flow/Planner couple until new planning features compensate for this lack.

Thank you very much!

No problem :)

What is the best practice at Flow level to create recurring tasks? Under which account should they be created?
Indeed, in my opinion, these tasks should be the property of a team and not of a particular person. Because if this person has to leave the company or change jobs, these programs should "survive" him/her.

Let's flood MS profiles on Twitter about that 'delay', accordingly to that post below, that issue resists for more than 01 year! We are dealing with users using Trello or and they need this feature.


Pls, vote!!


FYI: Recurring tasks are finally coming (, currently planned for a release in November 2021. Microsoft Planner: Recurring tasks, Configure your tasks to occur on a regular cadence in Planner.

@Patrick afraIT Today is November 5th and the recurring task is still not available.

Hey @VictoriaCPA - Yeah, sadly it was pushed back to January. :cry: You can just click the link I posted to see it yourself or search for the roadmap item 82028.

Now it's been delayed till January 2022.

I'm still waiting for Microsoft to roll this out on 15th December 2021!

I didn't see December 15th being mentioned. On my link it only said January 2022.
It is January 2022 just wondered if this feature had been implemented yet.
Just checked today and recurring is not available.
That's because they set up a recurring task to automatically update the roadmap.

@bmercer I check on the status of this nearly every day. Thanks for the humorous comment. I am starting to think they have an automated update of this item as well. I am fully expecting on 1/31 that it will be updated to a March or April 2022 due date.

@chrisarmstrong Hi, what's the link to check the status for recurring tasks? It's something we have been desperately waiting for, and I'm contemplating if we should just build it via Power Automate, instead of waiting for this feature to be implemented by Microsoft.

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